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Where to Get Low-Cost Minnesota Health Insurance

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Looking for a health insurance plan in Minnesota that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Here’s how to find low-cost Minnesota health insurance with a reliable carrier.

Minnesota Health Insurance

Minnesota offers many state-funded insurance programs for low-income individuals and families. These include:

* Minnesota Medical Assistance Program, which provides health care to low-income Minnesotans. This plan is different from Medicare, which is a federally funded plan for people over 65 and people with disabilities.

*Minnesota General Assistance Health Care Program, which provides health care to low-income Minnesotans who are not eligible for state-funded or federally-funded health care programs.

* Minnesota Nursing Program, which provides health care to low-income, uninsured Minnesota workers.

For more information on these Minnesota health insurance plans, call your county’s public service agency or visit the Minnesota Department of Health website:

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Minnesota offers two types of health insurance plans. they are:

* A fee-for-service plan (also called a reimbursement plan) that pays all or most of your doctor’s bills, hospital bills, and prescription drug costs after you pay your deductible (usually $500 to $2,000). These plans let you choose your doctor and hospital and are the most expensive health care plans.

* Managed health care plans, including HMOs, PPOs, and POS, pay for your doctor, hospital, and prescription drug costs after you pay a copay (usually $5 to $10 per visit). Through these programs, you will be assigned to a network of doctors and hospitals. PPO and POS allow you to use an off-network doctor or hospital for an additional fee. HMOs are the cheapest of all healthcare plans, followed by PPOs and POS.

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To get low-cost health insurance, you need a purchase price. The easiest way to do this is to go online to an insurance comparison site.

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