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Best Health Insurance Telemarketing Scripts

Written by animalszoom

Developing a job script is one of the essential elements of any health insurance telemarketing strategy. While many companies that offer e-commerce have scripts available, it recommends that you create your own, at least as a reference, so you can get the qualified leads you need. There are many reasons behind this, including:

  • You know your prospects and their needs better than other script creators.
  • Generic scripts may have been used by competitors and potential customers may have heard of them before.
  • The script is designed to generate the qualified leads you want and won’t include extra questions not related to your needs.

While it’s important to use a script made just for you, there are many ways you can increase your sales.

  • Simple scripts are often the most effective ecommerce scripts. Potential clients must know why you are calling and why they should be interested within seconds of answering the call.
  • Cut to the chase quickly, don’t do the whole sales pitch in a cold call, stick to the essentials.
  • When creating a script, keep in mind the target of the call. If you’re generating leads or setting up appointments, this should be the goal of the call. Nothing else should be included.

Here’s a basic script outline you can follow:

Hi, my name is XXX Insurance Company, we are a local health insurance broker in your city, we specialize in saving people like you a lot of money and improving your health insurance. With all of our plans, you can keep all your existing doctors!

Rebuttal to FAQ:

  • This is not a sales call, we just want to verify some of your information and get a free quote that can save you money on your health insurance. It only takes a few minutes and can save you thousands of dollars.

I just need to ask you a few simple questions so we can make sure you qualify and give you the lowest price quote with the best coverage:

  • Do you currently have insurance?
  • (If yes) Who do you currently buy health insurance from?
  • How old are you?
  • do you use tobacco?
  • Is there anyone else on the quote to discuss with you? (wife or child)
  • What is the best email to send quotes to?

thank you for your time. We will have one of our agents call you back with an updated health insurance quote, have a great day!

Once you’ve finished your script, it’s not set in stone. After you start making calls, some changes may need to be made based on telemarketer feedback to get things running smoothly. It’s also important to write rebuttals to common questions that callers may be asked.

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